who holds the women's marathon world record
Individual Sports26 Sep 2023
Who Holds The Women's Marathon World Record

When you win a marathon, of course you get money. You get some fame, you get shoe deals (if the race is big), some other endorsement contracts, etc. That is...

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how much do marathon runners get paid
Individual Sports18 Sep 2023
How Much Do Marathon Runners Get Paid

Is the pegasus 38 good for marathons? Yes, many people have finished their first marathon in this exact model! However, if you're getting more serious you...

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is it bad to stand for 8 hours a day
Individual Sports10 Aug 2023
Is It Bad To Stand For 8 Hours A Day

Prolonged standing is defined as over 8 hours of standing per day without a lot of movement and walking around. Jobs that require standing all day are commonly...

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does standing at your desk burn more calories
Individual Sports27 Jun 2023
Does Standing At Your Desk Burn More Calories

Mental activity also uses glucose, but it doesn't require your muscles to break down glycogen. Instead, it causes mental fatigue, which heightens your perceived...

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how long is a parachute jump
Individual Sports22 May 2023
How Long Is A Parachute Jump

First time skydiving. A typical skydive lasts five to six minutes, with approximately 50 seconds of that spent in freefall and four to five minutes on the...

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why am i so exhausted after running track
Individual Sports3 May 2023
Why Am I So Exhausted After Running Track

It's normal to feel tired and a little worn out after a challenging run, but you should pay close attention to your body to ensure you're not overdoing it...

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what pace is a 2 hour marathon
Individual Sports15 Dec 2022
What Pace Is A 2 Hour Marathon

It should come as no surprise that the amount of time it takes to walk 2 miles depends on how fast you are walking. With that said, most people can walk 2...

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