what are the major reasons for poverty in indiaWhat Are The Major Reasons For Poverty In India

Today, india lags far behind china on all three fronts. India invests about 30 percent of its gdp, compared with about 50 percent in china. Manufacturing is...

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who fought for the union in the civil warWho Fought For The Union In The Civil War

The civil war paved the way for americans to live, learn and move about in ways that had seemed all but inconceivable just a few years earlier. With these...

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how much does it cost to ship to hawaii
Social Issues & Advocacy25 Apr 2023
How Much Does It Cost To Ship To Hawaii

Expect to pay anywhere from $4,500 – $9,000 for shipping household goods to hawaii. Four main factors will influence the price: location, weight, size, and...

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can i donate plasma if i'm overweight
Social Issues & Advocacy24 Apr 2023
Can I Donate Plasma If I'm Overweight

Plasma is the protein-rich liquid in blood that helps other blood components circulate throughout the body. It supports your immune system and helps control...

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how does checking out a book at the library work
Social Issues & Advocacy24 Apr 2023
How Does Checking Out A Book At The Library Work

Nb: books are weeded [removed from a library's collection] for a variety of reasons: wear and tear, outdated information, a drop in circulation (or lack of...

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which country has taken in the most refugees
Social Issues & Advocacy24 Apr 2023
Which Country Has Taken In The Most Refugees

In 2021 russia had the highest figures in europe at 320,617 people, while turkey had the lowest with negative net-migration figure of 69,729.,In the past decade...

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who should a cancer marry
Social Issues & Advocacy23 Apr 2023
Who Should A Cancer Marry

Aquarius is a super tough match for cancers. They are both concerned about taking care of others and fairness, but when it comes to a relationship, aquarians...

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how does the media stigmatize mental illness
Social Issues & Advocacy22 Apr 2023
How Does The Media Stigmatize Mental Illness

The lives of people with mental health conditions are often plagued by stigma as well as discrimination. Stigma is a negative stereotype. Stigma is a reality...

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how can we reduce low emissions
Social Issues & Advocacy21 Apr 2023
How Can We Reduce Low Emissions

Three 'r'-reduce, reuse, and recycle and avoiding plastic is crucial. Following these three “r's” to conserve natural resources and landfill space can make...

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what are the 5 main drugs
Social Issues & Advocacy19 Apr 2023
What Are The 5 Main Drugs

The most common use for medical marijuana in the united states is for pain control. While marijuana isn't strong enough for severe pain (for example, post-surgical...

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why did lincoln want to save the union
Social Issues & Advocacy18 Apr 2023
Why Did Lincoln Want To Save The Union

He declared secession to be wrong, but he also promised that he would 'not interfere with the institution of slavery where it exists.' he announced that he...

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how do you say thank you for money donations
Social Issues & Advocacy17 Apr 2023
How Do You Say Thank You For Money Donations

Simply expressing gratitude with a quick word or an embrace can help you to feel more connected with others, and help them to feel more connected to you. These...

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