how did civil rights change after the civil war
Social Issues & Advocacy21 Mar 2023
How Did Civil Rights Change After The Civil War

A common explanation is that the civil war was fought over the moral issue of slavery. In fact, it was the economics of slavery and political control of that...

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why does deforestation occur in less developed countries
Social Issues & Advocacy12 Mar 2023
Why Does Deforestation Occur In Less Developed Countries

Deforestation and forest degradation are responsible for around 15% of all greenhouse gas emissions. These greenhouse gas emissions contribute to rising temperatures...

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why does my deodorant make white dust
Social Issues & Advocacy11 Mar 2023
Why Does My Deodorant Make White Dust

Use a scrub to cleanse the drawer and filter at least once in a fortnight. After cleaning the washing machine, leave the door and drawer open so that air can...

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what are the 3 types of personal dataWhat Are The 3 Types Of Personal Data

Let's consider different features of variables used in quantitative research studies. Here we explore quantitative variables as being categorical, ordinal...

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what beach in florida has most shark attacksWhat Beach In Florida Has Most Shark Attacks

Florida has one of the largest concentration of sharks in the world. There are sharks present year-round which makes florida one of the best places to dive...

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how many children are born refugeeHow Many Children Are Born Refugee

Cyprus is a beautiful and highly developed nation with a low cost of living and a comfortable tax system. But there are many more: check our best countries...

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how would the removal of rainforest affect hydrosphereHow Would The Removal Of Rainforest Affect Hydrosphere

Deforestation can be averted by various countermeasures. First of all, we should afforestation which is growing of trees in the forest. This would help to...

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how far is fiji from hawaii by planeHow Far Is Fiji From Hawaii By Plane

Due to the abundance of hotels, activities, tours, and attractions, oahu is the cheapest hawaiian island to visit. Between the competitive prices and myriad...

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what are the physiological effects of physical activityWhat Are The Physiological Effects Of Physical Activity

Three 'r'-reduce, reuse, and recycle and avoiding plastic is crucial. Following these three “r's” to conserve natural resources and landfill space can make...

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do cancer genes come from mother or father
Social Issues & Advocacy27 Feb 2023
Do Cancer Genes Come From Mother Or Father

They're generally on the more introverted side, preferring deep, intimate connections with just a few people over socializing in large groups, which can easily...

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does rubber mulch contaminate soil
Social Issues & Advocacy24 Feb 2023
Does Rubber Mulch Contaminate Soil

It is abundantly clear from the scientific literature that rubber should not be used as a landscape amendment or mulch. There is no question that toxic substances...

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what does it mean to be laid off a job
Social Issues & Advocacy24 Feb 2023
What Does It Mean To Be Laid Off A Job

Employees are owed severance pay when terminated before, during or after their maternity leave. It is open to them to argue that their personal circumstances...

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