what five animals are native to ireland
Family & Relationships30 Aug 2023
What Five Animals Are Native To Ireland

So, what are the irish really like? Perhaps the best description comes from the popular historian, carl wittke: “the so-called irish temperament is a mixture...

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what are car companies doing about climate change
Social Issues & Advocacy30 Aug 2023
What Are Car Companies Doing About Climate Change

Future changes are expected to include a warmer atmosphere, a warmer and more acidic ocean, higher sea levels, and larger changes in precipitation patterns...

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which is the poor country in 2022
Social Issues & Advocacy30 Aug 2023
Which Is The Poor Country In 2022

World population review, a site dedicated to boiling down demographical data into easily understandable stats, ranks tokyo as the most populous city globally...

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what do nail salons do
Beauty Services & Spas29 Aug 2023
What Do Nail Salons Do

There are no standard requirements for nail technicians. However, a high school diploma and related training are assets. Some salons ask for training in specific...

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who has the most super bowl wins
Team Sports29 Aug 2023
Who Has The Most Super Bowl Wins

Who is headlining the super bowl halftime show? Whether you like football or not, the super bowl halftime show is one of the most iconic events of the year...

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when did george w bush take office
Social Sciences29 Aug 2023
When Did George W Bush Take Office

Bush began his presidency with approval ratings near 50%. Following the september 11 attacks, bush held approval ratings of greater than 85%, among the highest...

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how many amps to run a house
Social Issues & Advocacy29 Aug 2023
How Many Amps To Run A House

500 watt hours is a standard battery size. This equates to 14 amp hours at 36 volts or 10.5 amp hours at 48 volt.,500 watt hours is a standard battery size...

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how and why slavery expanded over time
Social Issues & Advocacy29 Aug 2023
How And Why Slavery Expanded Over Time

Profits from slavery and related industries helped fund some of the most prestigious schools in the northeast, including harvard, columbia, princeton and yale...

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can eye floaters be green
Face & Body Care28 Aug 2023
Can Eye Floaters Be Green

Brown is one of the most common eye colours, with approximately 55 percent of people having it. People with brown eyes are said to be independent, determined...

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why shouldn't you let your baby sleep in a swing
Family & Relationships28 Aug 2023
Why Shouldn't You Let Your Baby Sleep In A Swing

Darken the room by turning off the main lights and drawing the shades. Turn on a night-light so there's a little light to calm your baby. Play some soothing...

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who is saul in the bible acts
Religion & Belief28 Aug 2023
Who Is Saul In The Bible Acts

But there will always be people who don't like you for one reason or another. These people might even stand in the way of what god wants you to do. Chased...

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does the gender pay gap really exist
Social Issues & Advocacy28 Aug 2023
Does The Gender Pay Gap Really Exist

Take the mean hourly pay for men and subtract the mean hourly pay for women. Divide the result by the mean hourly pay for men and multiply the result by 100...

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